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Lack of oral sex came alongside a general lack of commitment to my sexual pleasure, unless it was easy and complemented what he wanted to do anyway. When it came to oral sex he would recoil as if disgusted I guess I just thought there was something wrong with my vagina.

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When oral sex is on the table, women have a better shot at achieving orgasm. According to the researchers over at the Kinsey Institutemen have a pretty good shot at attaining orgasm through vaginal sex alone. Women, on the other hand, prove to be much more orgasmic through a variety of sex acts.

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But you can do — and should aim for — better than fine. To help you do just that, we spoke to a few sex educators about the common oral sex mistakes men make as well as some general advice. Some deal with communication ; others with technique.

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Oral sexsometimes referred to as oral intercourseis sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person using the mouth including the lips, tongue, or teeth or throat. Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on female genitals, while fellatio is oral sex performed on a penis. Oral sex may be performed as foreplay to incite sexual arousal before other sexual activities such as vaginal or anal intercourse[1] [3] or as an erotic and physically intimate act in its own right.

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Whether you use the technical term fellatio or call it a blowjob, going down, giving head, or something else, performing fellatio is an act that requires a lot of trust and a little bit of knowledge. If you believe everything you hear, you might think that guys love this so much technique and intent don't matter. Think again.

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Scientists at John Hopkins University have found that men with a high number of sexual partners are more at risk of serious illness if they engage in oral sex. The study was published in the Annals of Oncology and examined the health data of over 13, people aged over the space of five years between and The results stated that the risk of these oral cancers is low among people in the age bracket but according to the paper, the figure doubled for men who had five or more oral sexual partners during their lifetime and at 7. Those in the high-risk category saw the figures jump by double again to

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I know you are a urologist and tend to answer questions for men. However, I hope you can also help me to resolve some concerns I have about sex. I am 22 years old and started going out with my boyfriend for the last months.

Victorian government portal for older people, with information about government and community services and programs. Type a minimum of three characters then press UP or DOWN on the keyboard to navigate the autocompleted search results. Both men and women can give their partner oral sex. But oral sex has official medical names too: oral sex on a woman the vagina, vulva and clitoris is called cunnilingus, and oral sex on a man the penis is called fellatio.


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