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I hope u reach 1 million you deserve itIm not that early i was at school so im kinda late : But hey, you r doing great keep up the great work!!! Hit the history books a little harder on the "Crusades," they were actually the attempt to stop the spread and takeover of Europe and the British by the Islamic Califate at the time I pretty much learned it the same way in public school as you did It is one of the changes in history over time This happens when politics and social cultures and norms have been slowly changed over time I've been lucky enough to study some older text that describes what went on during that time The greatest thing is the Internet, where you can easily find older text and compare them from other text around the world from the same time periods. Peanuts with Gelatin??

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I love that you took something negative that everyone tries to hurt you with and spun it into something positive! Love a self-assured sister! Male fucking bitch Girl, when you started the video I was like this is not going to work out, but in the end, it was beautiful.

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The ending made me so happy! Loved both of you guys energy!!! Breaking News: Cristine is doing nail art this is not a drill Fredi sex I cried coz im touch by Wills heart So humble There really should have Yaya day Treat them well.

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I've been to the queen marry and I've stayed there it's scary but if you go there in the winter they have a n ice rink I hear a girl crying when Sam say too perfect and u guys silently Wow! Shoot episode 2!! I'm a big fan of yours, and I watch all the videos! Thank you!

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Who else is watching this instead of doing homework???? This was so awesome to watch!! Okay but what about the SUPER secrete units Cuphead and Mugman have to come to smash I laughed so hard when she said we can make a mini grocery store for toddlers who like to buy deodorant.

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How do the chimps know about numerical order? That's the only part of this that confused me Sex clubs scotland free virus free Why did you have to post thi1 xxx creshajuuw. Any of you guys Reading this comments havnt he shownd that House!?!?

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In her latest blog, the actress shares her struggle with breastfeeding and recalls the day she finally decided to stop. Donovan, 43, is also a writer and yogi. A recovered anorexic, she assists in counseling and supporting young women struggling with eating disorders.

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You knowTheres a Fnaf fan game that uses Jollibee Some of y'all missed the like button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey liz you breathe for longer than I thought Bikini photos of elisa donavan Nr1 this is not rap god its rap devilNr2 this is not a freestyle Its a remix. The scariest movie I wached was Annebelle T - T I bet you encountered a dead body and did the reasonable thing of calling the authorities and stopped filming and not joke about it.

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Say what you want about consoles but shifting from PC to PS4 was the best decision I've ever made I like my library to look pretty, not all over the place PC has no future in that department, literally every single publisher makes a software launcher and locks his games behind that Fuck PC gaming I'm eating chocolat sprinckles while watching this sory bad english. What did the Librarian say to the children Read more In the USA I expect some of my stuff to arrive damaged and small valuable items to never be seen again. Did anyone here that sound at creepyyyyyyyyyyy Asian tgirl riding a shaft.

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Absolutely amazing! Old hott pussy Vida guerra shaking the ass Vida guerra shaking the ass. Suggestion: You should do a video were you dress in Snapchat Bitmoji outfits for a week, then compare your avatar and you in the outfits!


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