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It meant a huge amount to me. But no, enough is enough. Children are expensive.

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The former Faces frontman Rod Stewart has admitted to taking anti-cold capsules laced with cocaine anally, rather than destroying his nasal passages. In a rather revealing memoir, Rod: The Biography - which Stewart announced in October of last year - he also writes about losing his virginity, not ingesting semen and refusing to have his penis cast. The rocker writes, via Spin, that he and Ronnie Wood: "started buying anti-cold capsules from the chemist's, separating the two halves of the capsules, replacing their contents with a pinch of cocaine, and then taking the capsules anally, where, of course, the human body being a wonderful thing, they would dissolve effortlessly into the system.

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Remember that old rumor about the rock star who collapsed on stage and had to be rushed to the emergency room? There, the star had his stomach pumped and out came a gallon of semen! This urban legend has been attributed to a bunch of different singers, both male and female, but none more so than Rod Stewart. Of course, none of us ever believed it.

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Since almost the beginning of time, an embarrassing rumor has followed Rod Stewart around like a bunch of beaver babies followed that thing on his head around, because they mistook it for their mommy. The rumor goes that sometime in the s, Rod Stewart went to a gay bar in San Diego, met a bunch of sailors, sucked them all off and swallowed so much seamen semen that he had to get his stomach pumped at the emergency room. This might be the only time in history when Parasite Hilton and I are shaking our heads in disgust at the same time.

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The funniest has to be the Rod Stewart rumour, that in he serviced sailors in a gay bar and had to have a quart of semen sperm pumped from his stomach. The rumour is entirely untrue as semen is not toxic and the largest stomachs take less than a quart capacity, also you have to be doing blowies and swallowing every drop of man milk for 3 days straight, surely by then, some of the first jizz ingested would have gone to the intestines and be unretreivable. Variations of the rumour include the amount of sperm Ounces, mils, gallons, litres and most extreme 10 gallons of sperm.

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Adoring fans? Ok; but they've all also been rumoured at one time or another to have been involved in an identical and rather unusual medical emergency. I first heard this rumour in connection with Marc Almondformerly of Soft Cell.

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I think he admits himself that it was a rumor and that he is too straight for that kinda thing. I call B. This chic swallowed a whole room full of guys spunk and gave the camera a big I just got payed smile.

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I heard Jordan Knight had had to have his stomach pumped and they found like half a litre of semen and an entire condom. He apparently was trying to set a hotel on fire with a molotov cocktail fire bomb. These charges were later reduced then dropped because he agreed to do public service commercials.

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Have you ever heard the legend about Rod Stewart passing out on stage? He was subsequently taken to the hospital and had his stomach pumped. From within his stomach, they allegedly siphoned many ounces of fresh semen, enough to fill a pint glass.


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