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A rescue operation to save the lives of a shuttle crew becomes complicated thanks to a malevolent entity, and one Enterprise -D crew member pays the ultimate price in their rescue. As the engineering crew is conducting maintenance of the ship's dilithium crystalsthe ship is flying at impulsewith the main engines deactivated. On the bridgeLieutenant Worf tells Lieutenant Natasha Yar that deep space probes have picked up no vessels within three light years.

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An unofficial fan community dedicated to discussion and news about Star Trek: Discovery. You will likely encounter spoilers on this sub! Users are free to discuss current and upcoming content in all comment sections and post titles.

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If you've read my other stories, you know I love Star Trek, and this is by no means mocking it. Some episodes in this series will also feature historic figures, both ancient and recent, which does not violate the content guidelines i. Remember, this story is meant strictly as a comedy, and it should not be taken too seriously.

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I mostly remember Brian Tochi as Tee Gar on Space Academywhere he was the doctor and had super strength in an early episode before they forgot about that. I sort of only vaguely recall that show being a thing, but it was made by Filmation, who rarely made more than one season of a show. It looks like you can watch Space Academy in a bunch of different places online though, so that's pretty sweet. I absolutely love your blog!

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Top definition. Troi unknown. Cool person.

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Picard: I want a bath full of reindeer and a washing machine full of wolverine faeces. I'm moving to Vacuum in Paraguay. Riker: Hey, Worfs grandmas on board, fuckin, we could make a big wax paper fuckin elevator, an elevator!

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If I like it, I'll keep it. Picard: What's that beeping from, Data? Aw, man.

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Wondering where you should start? Click here for archive of discussion threads. Click here for more detailed explanations. Discussion reposts are OK: As our community grows people join who might have missed out the first time around.

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When we first heard that this was A Thing, we were ever-so-excited. Would it be hilarious? Would it be sexy?

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Robin Higgins presents a series of excerpts from the life of one of science fiction's most beloved half-Betazoids. Thank you, thank you. You may all know me as Deanna Troi, counselor of the starship Enterprise, but tonight I want to speak to you as Deanna Troi, author.


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